How to not get kicked off your LIVE DJ set.

How to not get kicked off your LIVE DJ set.

*Image sourced from covering the launch of their product/service.

With the current crisis, we are forced to look at our industry from different perspectives. 

Especially within the world of digital content. With the news of the cap of 100 pax on all events and gatherings, our local scene errupted in a slight panic. This showed in how musicians took to social media and started “live streaming”. Many not taking into account the effect it may have on their business. Or the fact that they might be kicked off. Why? The infringement of copyright and legal licensing.  

A frustrating situation for creators who simply want to make an income in a time of no events. 

What are creators, musicians and DJ’s to do?

Well, last week Mixcloud launched their LIVE division. A legal and licensed platform that ensures the underlying artist and songwriters who are played, get paid. Simple.

How do you get involved?

The Mixcloud team created and built Mixcloud Live in a short span of time to offer this service while the world needs it most. They have admitted that there are some bugs, but they will work through them as best and quick they can.

But hey, this is still a great solution to what DJ’s are currently facing.  

Mixcloud Live is available for all Pro Creators for a small fee per month after a 90-day free trail. 

Read more about Mixcloud Live here. 


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