Get to know the business of music during lock-down.

Get to know the business of music during lock-down.

Midem is an international conference attended by the global music community. Each year they offer incredible live streams of their conference for every single artist across the world to learn from the experts in the industry. 

The creative community really felt the impact of Covid-19. A statement that hits hard on the streets of South Africa. Our music industry fights from day to day to be recognised, and for our artists it is a constant hassle to keep their heads above water. And even without any shows, the show must go on. 

What are we to do during these times? How do we use our 21 days at home productively?

Many of our muso friends have delved head first into their home-made studios and are creating. This is great news and we are very excited to see what comes to life at the other side of the pandemic. But unfortunately, it is not only great music that will save your career, you need to understand the market and what the business requires of you. Therefore, we thought it best to share one of our inspirations with you. Midem. 

I am not going into the detail of what they do etc. You have Google for that. But do check it out. The gist is:

Open your mind and career by “attending” some of these talks during the lock-down period. There is no better way to up-skill yourself. From streaming to tips on how to break into other markets, you will feel inspired and ready for the business of music. 

Side note: We have had the pleasure to attend the physical conference and to give you a little honest nugget – this is how and where Bandustry came to life in 2016. It lets your ideas run. 

See what happens. Why not?

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